Mustard Oil: Ancient Remedy for Modern Ailments – What You Need to Know

There are many cooking oils, today we will talk about Mustard oil. Mustard oil is extracted from mustard seeds. Which has a pungent taste and aroma. Mustard oil is widely used in many parts of the world.

in the preparation of food and medicines. Mustard oil is widely used in Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine, where it has been used for a long time. Mustard oil gives a different and good taste to the food here.

Due to the specified properties, it is also used to make a permit, which does not cause measles for a long time.

  • Erucic Acid

Due to the presence of erucic acid in mustard oil, its excessive use can be harmful for health. Its use is banned in some countries due to health risks.

The amount of erucic acid in mustard oil varies depending on the source of the oil, but It can be less or more from 2% to 50%. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that erucic acid intake should not exceed 5% of total dietary fat.

Mustard oil is widely used in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, due to which the people here do not find any significant harmful effects, while it has been reported in the study that excessive use of erucic acid can increase heart disease, therefore In case of any problem with the use of mustard oil, a health advisor or doctor should be consulted.


  • Benefits Of Mustard Oil

Beneficial for skin and hair;

Mustard oil is considered very good for skin and hair due to the presence of vitamin E in mustard oil and antibacterial and antifungal properties in mustard oil. Using mustard oil is a good option for moisturizing dry skin and hair. Mustard oil helps in reducing skin irritation. Mustard oil helps to grow long and strong hair.

Increases Immunity:

Due to the presence of antioxidants in mustard oil, it increases the immunity power, due to which the possibility of getting any disease in the body works.Mustard Oil

Helping To Reduce Inflammation;

Mustard oil contains omega-3 fatty acids which help in reducing inflammation in the body. For example, it gives relief to the patient in diseases like arthritis. Massage of mustard oil gives relief to the patient.

heart Health;

Due to the presence of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats in mustard oil, it helps in reducing the level of bad cholesterol. which reduces heart problems.

Antibacterial Properties;

Due to the antibacterial properties of mustard oil, it helps to avoid harmful bacteria in the body. and helps protect the body from diseases

While mustard oil has many benefits, yet due to the presence of erucic acid in it, eating it in excess can also cause skin problems, due to which it should be consumed in a balanced amount in your diet. If you ever have a problem with mustard oil, consult your nearest doctor.


Mustard oil is extracted from the seeds obtained from mustard plant with the help of machines. Mustard oil is especially popular in the South Asian part and has been used in South Asian countries for centuries. Mustard oil benefits like; Keeping skin and hair healthy, boosting immunity, relieving inflammation and helping to maintain heart health are many other benefits, yet mustard oil should be used in moderation because it contains erucic acid, which Excessive use can cause some problems in the human body. Balanced use of mustard oil is very beneficial for our body.

Mustard oil can be a good link in a balanced diet and also gives many benefits, but it should also avoid the problems caused by it, if any problem arises, then consult your nearest doctor. The problems are described further.

Allergy: Some people may be allergic to consuming mustard oil, such as rashes on their body, itching on the body, some people also have difficulty in breathing.

sensitive skin; Mustard oil is not suitable for sensitive skin. Mustard oil is more likely to cause irritation on sensitive skin.

Erucic acid: Due to the presence of erucic acid in mustard oil, using it in excessive quantity can be harmful for health, whereas in Kush countries there is a ban on its consumption. That’s why mustard oil should be used carefully. Whenever any physical problem comes, you should consult your nearest doctor.Mustard Oil


The information provided about mustard oil is for educational purposes only and is not intended to provide any physical health information. The benefits and risks of mustard oil depend on different factors. Please consult your nearest doctor before use in any health condition.

Mustard Oil In Hindi

  • QNA

  • Que.    Can virgin mustard oil be used for cooking?
  • Ans.     YES. We can cook food in virgin mustard oil, the food made in it is very good for our health. Food is fried, roasted and marinated in virgin mustard oil. 


  • Que.   Is mustard oil hot or cold?
    Ans.    According to Ayurveda, mustard oil is of hot effect, it is used to massage the painful place to reduce joint and muscle pain.


  • Que    Mustard oil contains erucic acid?
  • Ans.    Yes, mustard oil contains erucic acid which can be harmful if consumed in excess.


  • Que.   What are the benefits of mustard oil?
    Ans.    Mustard oil is good for heart health because it contains a lot of fats called monounsaturated and polyunsaturated and massage of mustard oil on the swollen area gives relief


  • Que.   Is mustard oil harmful?
    Ans.    Generally mustard oil is not harmful in cooking, excessive use of it can cause problems because erucic acid is found in it. Mustard oil has been banned by the FDA in the US due to erucic acid.


  • Que.   Mustard oil is banned in America?
    Ans.    Mustard oil is banned in the US in 2016 by the FDA because erucic acid is found in it, while mustard oil is used in countries around India.


  • Que.     Which is better mustard oil or soybean oil?
    Ans.      Mustard oil has more thiamin, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, vitamin B6, niacin and folate than soybean oil. It is high in iron, potassium, calcium and dietary fiber. Mustard oil has the least saturated fat among edible oils.


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